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About Us

We are passionate about asset protection.

Asset Protection Planners, Inc. has been in business since 1977 providing asset protection services for businesses and individuals utilizing resources and legal tools around the world. As a result of passionate commitment to customers, the organization is the largest company in the world that specializes in asset protection.

Asset Protection Planners, Inc is a nationally recognized asset protection company. Moreover, the company contributes to numerous updates, revisions and originally drafted statutes in multiple asset protection jurisdictions. For example, we wrote the proposed Dominica LLC legislation. In addition, we contributed to the Cook Island captive insurance statutes. Moreover, we work with legislatures internationally to propose new and innovative legal code to combat overzealous litigants. Finally, we have developed close relationships with several international banks, trust companies and government agencies all in an effort to assist his clients with privacy and asset protection.

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Out motto is, “Protect and grow the resources of our clients.”

Asset Protection Planners Building - About Us

Our headquarters is in Santa Clarita, California (near Los Angeles). The company has additional employees in Nevada, Florida and Washington.