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Proactive Asset Protection Planning

proactive asset protection

Asset protection is synonymous with “wealth insurance.” Just like you would have fire insurance coverage for your home, proactive asset protection is wealth insurance. If you consider planning the protection of your assets like an insurance policy, the point gets clear pretty quick. You don’t wait until you have an accident to purchase protective coverage. The same goes for protecting assets. You implement your coverage and maintain it. Imagine a family who lost their home to a fire and didn’t have insurance. Or the individual who was uninsured that caused an automobile accident. These types of incidences could wind up being total loss cases, devastating.

You can insure your wealth, and future wealth, with an asset protection plan in place. Planning ahead is far more palatable than hindsight and regret. The best result you can possibly have is that you never need to protect your wealth from a threat. Just the same that you hope you never make a fire insurance claim. It’s there when you need it and for those who failed to plan ahead would all wish they could rewind the clock. Learn how it works. Then, create a well-structured asset protection plan and know that you have protected your lifetime of accumulated wealth. Even state governments take action to protect state resources from lawsuits. [1]

plan into action

Pre-Plan for Asset Protection

The average person in the United States experiences five lawsuits in his or her lifetime according to attorney J. Mitten. In order to create a well defended asset protection structure, it is best to do it before there is legal trouble brewing. You should do it proactively. Before your business partner dispute, before the divorce and before an accident. Once a legal threat arises, courts recognize the transferring of assets in an attempt to protect them as a fraudulent transfer. Now, this is a civil matter, not a criminal one. You can avoid this ruling with some forethought.

The proper conveyance of assets includes both planning for your estate and asset protection. When you organize your wealth into a protection plan with minimal exposure, you can present a strong defense. Proactive asset protection is the proper strategy. Anything else is high risk or very tricky to defend which are both weak points in a legal proceeding.

Make your asset protection plan, fund your legal structures and establish ownership, properly and lawfully. Get the help of an experienced professional before legal duress arises.