Asset Protection Planning

is proactive legal action that protects your assets from threats such as creditors, divorce, lawsuits and judgments. Call now to let our attorneys help you.

Immediate Asset Protection

Immediate Asset Protection

Protecting Your Assets Immediately

Setting up an asset protection plan before you need it is the ideal way to ensure that it will withstand legal pressure. However not all of us take action when the time is right. So, sometimes you need immediate asset protection. The good news is that the better late than never rule applies to protecting your assets. The first thing you should do is pick up the phone and call a qualified asset protection planner with experience in your set of circumstances. There are telephone numbers and an inquiry form on this page to do just that.

Do you have a legal storm brewing? You can do something about it to shield your wealth. Just keep in mind that with a sudden transfer of assets, there is a likelihood of your opponent attempting the challenge the transfer. The odds of them doing so is higher than if you had done so when the seas were calm. It’s a sensitive procedure when exposed assets become protected after a legal threat (i.e. cause of action). However it depends on your circumstances. This is why you should seek immediate help and explain your situation to an expert who can help do something about it.

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Put Yourself in Control

You don’t control the person suing you. So, the actions others take against you that can jeopardize your wealth are out of your hands. You can only control your own reactions to them. Keep in mind, rarely does a lawsuit tap you on the shoulder and tell you it is coming. So, you may need to take momentary action  in and urgently protect your financial future. We can help. Common reasons for needing immediate protective actions are business partnerships, malpractice lawsuits, divorce, car accidents, rental property accidents and child liability incidents.

asset protection tools

Asset Protection Tools

There are a number of asset protection tools at your disposal. You can choose the right one for your assets and specific situation with professional help and guidance. You can take advantage of protective legislation and legal systems in a short amount of time. Now, often this includes using international legal tools that protect your money far better than laws back home. We can help you understand domestic legal tools as well as those in foreign jurisdictions.  You can get an understanding of how these tools protect your assets immediately in the event of a vicious legal battle.

keys to asset protection

The Key to Immediate Asset Protection

The key to immediate asset protection is not to wait any longer. One thing to remember is that it is rarely too late. As you could guess, it is a bit challenging if you’ve already been slammed with a judgment and are in collections. So, don’t wait until you are out of options and liens and court orders have frozen everything you own. The earlier you protect your assets the better. Accordingly, the sooner you act the more options you have and the stronger those options will stand up under legal scrutiny.

experience counts

Experience Counts

We have helped thousands of people in a wide variety of circumstances. Some have encountered what seemed like insurmountable legal obstacles that we were able to conquer on their behalves. Professional help is one phone call away. Get connected with an asset protection specialist today.


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