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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Protecting your assets is creating a legal barrier between creditors and your wealth. A proper plan, combined with the information and research performs three primary functions; lawsuit deterrence, settlement negotiation leverage and/or placing your assets out of the reach of the U.S. legal system. Asset planning is ideally performed prior to a lawsuit (or cause of action), however can be implemented at any time. Every situation is different, so we encourage you to call and speak to an experienced professional that can help you understand the details.

Immediate Protection

You CAN implement asset protection at any time from a lawsuit, judgment or divorce. Find out how...

Mortgage Deficiency

Protect yourself from mortgage deficiency judgments. Find out how...

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Understanding Liability
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How Asset Protection Works
The Legal System

Why do you need it?

Avoid a lawsuit altogether through financial privacy. Before you are sued, the chances are that the opposing legal team performed an asset search to locate and value reachable assets. Consider the situation you can put your legal opponent in; he or she wants to sue you, however they cannot locate any reachable assets which means that even a winning judgement could mean little or no payout.

Favorable outcome from protection plans. When you have a protective financial plan in place long before a lawsuit strikes, you're in the most powerful position. This could mean the difference between quickly settling out of court or costly litigation. When your assets are protected, any potential legal opponent has to face the fact that you are no longer an easy target and they must decide how much time and money they want to throw at pursing you.

Highest level of protection comes from offshore trusts. The strongest vehicle for protecting your financial future is an offshore trust which simply takes all of your assets out of the U.S. legal system. A creditor that wants to pursue your wealth has to meet nearly impossible measures. You can take advantage of legal systems in a foreign jurisdiction that has favorable statutes that afford you bulletproof protection.

Rise in Litigation Urges Protection

Many people are forced into defensive posture when it comes to their money and assets. Litigation has been on a steady rise for many professionals, doctors and business owners, and people are putting their money where other's can't get it. The ultimate in financial protection is a plan utilizing offshore legal vehicles. Most of the activity is focused in a few select jurisdictions that offer favorable laws to foreign investors. We form trusts in the top offshore jurisdictions and all 50 states. There has been an increase in US based trusts, however these are relatively new and lack a strong history of standing up in a court of law. This is perfectly legal as long as there is no intent to defraud a creditor or evade taxation. We implement legal tactics anywhere in the world, and protecting your assets can be expensive, so we urge every prospect client to talk to a highly trained and experience professional. If you would like more information on protection vehicles, trusts or offshore business formation, please contact our office.

Avoiding the Lawsuit

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