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Offshore Banking

An offshore bank account offers the strongest financial privacy available in today’s world. Financial havens cater to foreign investment by creating strict laws forbidding the names of account holders to be released to any outside party or foreign government. Unless a gross criminal atrocity, money laundering activity or act terrorism has taken place, account holders can bank privately.

An offshore bank account opened in one’s personal name is only protected by one jurisdiction’s privacy laws – by establishing a new banking account in the name of an offshore business entity two levels of privacy are created.

Banking accounts owned by an offshore business entity provide the most privacy because all transactions will be in the name of the company rather than the individual account holder. For the most transaction privacy two bank accounts can be established for wiring money outside of one’s home jurisdiction. The first transfer is traceable from a domestic account to an offshore account, however offshore-to-offshore account transfers are completely private.

Offshore banks offer 24/7 customer service, online banking, secured ATM, MasterCard and Visa debit cards, managed accounts, confirmed deposits and lending – all of the modern banking conveniences are available with the strongest privacy, favorable interest rates and come with international investment opportunities.