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Long Term Nest Egg Protection

The most important decision for your family is securing it’s financial future.

Long term nest egg protection is combining the security of family financial planning with legal entities formed in jurisdictions with the most powerful protective properties in the world. This has proven to be the most foolproof way to protect your assets. This can also be done an estate planning maneuver and works most effectively to project assets when done well in advance of the need for protection. When you create a financial plan involving protective vehicles formed in the safest jurisdictions, your assets are locked into financial structures from which only you and your family can benefit.

In order to maximize the strength of an asset protection plan, one must perform a non fraudulent transfer of personal assets into a separate legal structure. The key is controlling instrument and establishing who and what can benefit from your financial assets when your plan is established.

When this is done as an estate planning move, you are not intending to defraud any creditors. If this is done before you have a creditor who pursues your assets for any reason, it is also less likely to be deemed a fraudulent transfer. The cornerstone of asset protection owning your life’s worth in a vehicle that is created to benefit you and your family that cannot be used to satisfy a creditor or legal opponent, including judgment creditors.

Assets can include your business income, as well as real property, other valuables, savings and investments. Your asset profile should be updated as things change during your life, a healthy asset protection plan is a current plan based on today’s wealth.

Asset protection planning requires an experienced professional who can help you understand what kind of protective vehicles are right for you and your assets, which is why it is so important that you talk to a qualified planner. The time to act is right now, when you don’t have a legal storm on the horizon. If the legal storm has already arrived, there are steps that can still be taken as long as they are taking quickly.

Business owners, home owners, investors, parents, physicians and married couples should all at least understand the risks they’re exposed to and what they can do to protect their financial futures today. Most families spend more time planning a vacation than they do their future financial security. You can put yourself in the loop by scheduling a free asset protection consultation with a qualified professional, right now, or understanding more about protecting your assets in our learning center.